C.A.L.M. Counseling & Equine Assisted Mental Health Services, LLC

Creating Attachments & Lasting Memories

Our Story

Laurie Linsley, LPC

Recreational Therapist, MFT, EAGALA Certified

Post Master's Certificate Equine Assisted Mental Health Counseling, Prescott College

An Idea is Born

It all started when I got divorced and wanted to stay home with my children for the summer. That was 12 years ago. I started up a summer pony camp for the local kids to learn about animals.  We ended up getting 5 horses and saw about 150 kids that first summer!  Then I met Lynn Paterna, LPC and another therapist, Sandra Kerns, LCSW who brought her kids to visit the horses.  They had lost a parent to cancer. That was when I realized to power of using horses in the therapy process.

Why therapy?

Early on I was a Recreational Therapist and worked with youth and adults in residential and psychiatric inpatient facilities.  I later got my Master's Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy and recently obtained my LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor).  I have always wanted to help others heal from negative life experiences and share my love for horses with them.

Now what?

After giving hundreds of riding lessons, I am now starting a private practice to focus on doing Equine Assisted Mental Health Counseling to help others create attachments and lasting memories.  I named the business C.A.L.M. to not only reflect that desire, but because when I ask the participants how they feel at the end of their lesson the answer is always the same, 
"I feel 100% calm." 


If it wasn't for others, I would not have pursued my dream to provide this program.  Lynn Paterna, LPC has been by my side since the beginning and continues to help me each summer with programs for residential treatment centers. Thank you Lynn!!